Thursday, July 16, 2009

Adventure Men

And so it begins!! Or it will on Tuesday July 28th, our first day of filming for Adventure Men.

Adventure Men - Title Logo

Adventure Men is the follow up to the popular Comic Relief 2009 Mockumentary event; Touching the Dyke.

Adventure Men will follow Ross & Simon as they embark on a variety of quests and adventures of the natural, supernatural and personal nature. Adventure Men will be released across the web on as many viewing portals as we can find and hopefully with a proper synopsis by then!

You can keep tabs on Adventure Men in the following ways...

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Follow @AdventureMen on Twitter -
Subscribe to the YouTube channel -

We will be posting links to other video portals/sites as and when we get them set up and possibly a dedicated website if we can. We haven't worked out the exact schedule for getting episodes online just yet, but we will be throwing up some bonus material some place or other, so keep an eye out!!

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